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About Us

Pleasing customers with great deals for over half a decade

We started One Stop Body Jewellery in 2007 with the vision of providing Australians with a unique range of high-quality, affordable body jewellery that is both tasteful and stylish.

For more than five years now, we’ve built up a huge base of satisfied customers around the country who keep coming back to make the most of our phenomenally good deals across our entire range.

Our policy is to only advertise jewellery we actually have in stock. This means that when you buy something from us, you can be sure we’ll get it to you in the shortest timeframe and you won’t have to wait a moment longer than you should.

We don’t accept returned products. That’s because we only sell brand new pieces. When you buy from One Stop Body Jewellery, you’re guaranteed to receive products that have never been worn before. However, it is important to note that our products do not arrive sterilised. Please take care to sterilise them before wearing.

Whether you’re buying a few bits and pieces for yourself, or you’d like to place a bulk order, we’re here to deliver.

As committed to outstanding customer service as we are the highest quality and the lowest prices, we’re always happy to help. Click here to contact us or browse our store.